MAP-YHHD360 Automatic Programmable M.A.P. Food Tray Sealing Line
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MAP-YHHD360 Automatic Programmable M.A.P. Food Tray Sealing Line

YAHE model MAP-YHH(D)360 is a new generation M.A.P. sealing machine combined several national patents in, as following:
ZL201320184529.4  a gas proportioner;
ZL201320166045.7 a film tensioning device for modified atmosphere packaging machine;
ZL20132 0167388.5 a multifunctional modified atmosphere packaging machine;
ZL201220365757.7 a packaging machine;
ZL201220365750.5 a heat-seal device for tray MAP sealing machine;
This machine is featured as high air exchanging rate, less gas mixing accuracy error, high working speed; as added alarm system, error information and troubleshooting instruction, it has very friendly human-machine interface; very easy to perform operation and maintenance. Different programs are preset in the controller for packaging different food products (gas mixing proportion varies for different food products), which helps improve operation efficiency and convenience significantly.

I. Technical features
1. Air exchanging rate:  ≥99.5% , Oxygen residual: 0.2-0.9%;
2. Gas mixing accuracy error: ≤1.0%(the difference between set value
 and actual value of different mixing gas in a dynamic condition)
3. Gas purity: ≥99.5% (Food grade N2, CO2, O2)
4. Sealing mould: 2 chambers (4 chambers) in one, can be customized upon customer’s requirements; gas mixing function (work with vacuum sealing machine to realize gas flushing and sealing for small and big size plastic bags M.A.P. packaging);
5. Working speed: for tray sealing 400~600pcs/hour(adjustable); for plastic bag sealing 100-200 bags/hour (depends on bag size and worker proficiency);
6. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz 10A, can be customized;
7. Gas work pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa
8. Gas flow rate: 250L/min
9. Machine outer dimension: 1400×1150×1650mm
10. Machine weight: 530Kg
II. Machine configuration
1) Control system: Mitsubishi Japan PLC and HMI(touch screen), OMRON temperature controller and sensor, Japan IDEC buttons;
2) Pneumatic system: Germany FESTO, Japan SMC and Taiwan AIRTAC;
3) Low pressure alarm system: Korea brands components;
4) Machine body: SUS 304 grade;
5) Material of sealing mould: stainless steel, high tensile aluminum alloy.

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