MAP-YHH400 M.A.P. Food Tray Sealer
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MAP-YHH400 M.A.P. Food Tray Sealer
MAP-YHH400 technical parameter  

YAHE model MAP-YHH400 is a new generation M.A.P. sealing machine combined several national patents in, as following:
ZL201320184529.4  a gas proportioner;
ZL201320166045.7 a film tensioning device for modified atmosphere packaging machine;
ZL20132 0167388.5 a multifunctional modified atmosphere packaging machine;
ZL201220365757.7 a packaging machine;
ZL201220365750.5 a heat-seal device for tray MAP sealing machine;

1、Technical features
1. Air exchanging rate:  ≥99.5% , Oxygen residual: 0.2-0.9%;
2. Gas mixing accuracy error: ≤1.0%(the difference between set value
 and actual value of different mixing gas in a dynamic condition)
3. Gas purity: ≥99.5% (Food grade N2, CO2, O2)
4. Sealing mould: 2 chambers (4 chambers) in one, can be customized upon customer’s requirements;
5. Working speed: for tray sealing 400~600 (600~800)pcs/hour(adjustable);
6. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz 10A, can be customized;
7. Gas work pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa
8. Gas flow rate: 250L/min
9. Machine outer dimension: 1400×1150×1650mm
10. Machine weight: 530Kg

II. Machine configuration
1) Control system: Mitsubishi Japan PLC and HMI(touch screen), OMRON temperature controller and sensor, Japan IDEC buttons;
2) Pneumatic system: Germany FESTO, Japan SMC and Taiwan AIRTAC;
3) Low pressure alarm system: Korea brands components;
4) Machine body: SUS 304 grade;
5) Material of sealing mould: stainless steel, high tensile aluminum alloy.

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